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The CROCO company provides employee leasing services.

We are passionate about helping companies and individuals fulfill their potential through employee leasing and talent acquisition.

We recruit and delegate for the work of citizens from EU countries (Poland) and Eastern Europe countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Georgia).

Our company has been operating in the labor market for 7 years.

We have an abounding base of candidates. We recruit workers for all industries so as: foods production, automotive, construction, agricultural, furniture, and others.


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Employee leasing

Thanks to the experience we captured, with ease we provide our customers with the motivated and qualified employee staff. Thanks to the leasing of our staff you can effectively react to the increase or decrease in the demand for work appearing in your company.


CROCO offers elastic models of collaboration which they let enlarge of your employee team with additional specialists without the need to employ them permanently.

Permanent recruitment

The specialist staff provides supporting in proper selection of employees, in recruiting candidates for our customers from the marketplace of Poland and Eastern Europe.

We have a huge base of candidates –
about 40 000 persons.

We are able to provide qualified teams of workers

at a very fast time “for now”.

Leasing – Principles of cooperation

The scope of our services:


we source employees according to criteria handed over by the customer via the works questionnaire


we are an employer of the temporary employee – we are responsible for HR and payroll services


we settle the salary for a temporary employee


we pay due contributions for the social and health insurance of temporary employees


we settle our temporary employees and pay for the accommodation


we issue the VAT invoice for services to the employer, which contains total costs of the temporary employee’s employment

Our advantages

We have specialists in every profession

Accounting for temporary employees

OHS trainings, medical examination

The legalization and accommodation

Selection, exchange of the employee in case of illness

Fast recruitment



Polska, Kraków 31-153, ul.Szlak 77/222,

Tel: +48 12 88 122 88

E-mail: croco.work@gmail.com

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